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5:44pm 04-01-2011

Thank you so much .I recieved my copy of the book yesterday and dug right into it.I am truly enjoying the book .
3:19pm 03-30-2011
Much success to you, Ellen on your new book! How wonderful.
8:39am 03-18-2011
I received this book and found it very informative. Alot of research was done to pull together all this great iunformation on a very unique style of building. Well done!
8:14am 03-18-2011
Thanks for the comments on the Octagon House Inventory Book.. Emails aren't necessary to post .
8:11am 03-18-2011
This book will probably be the last word on
octagon houses in the US and Canada. Building
on a concept started by Carl Schmidt over 50
years ago, to catalog octagon houses, this book
makes use of the Internet and other features of
modern technology to locate most, if not all,
standing houses, and a large number of those
gone, and even long gone. In this way it extends
Schmidt's work in ways he could scarcely have
imagined 50 years ago. While more houses
might still turn up as more historical information
becomes available online, this book is probably
as complete a list as is possible at this time. The
many historical photos give a feel for what some
of the houses actually looked like in their prime,
as opposed to the somewhat run down relics one
typically sees today. A very thorough effort.
8:10am 03-18-2011
I would like to thank the wonderful author who has published this book. I find myself being a bit of a nut when it comes to octagon houses (ask my friends and family!) Ellen Puerzer has taken the online inventory and put it in a handy form that can travel with me. I love being able to read the history of the buildings and seeing the older images of them. I would suggest this book to anyone.
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